The classic Dr Marten shoes are amazing. They come in two different colours; black and cherry red. It's bugging me that the bright patent coloured Dr Martens are becoming stupidly popular; I think they are vile... what's wrong with plain and simple? I do think these shoes can look clown-like if you have quite large feet, but as I'm size 3 I think they will look quite cute. They are £80 which I don't think is a shocking price when they are a comfortable, everyday leather shoe.

I am definitely considering buying a pair of the classic Dr Martens... I just need to decide on black or cherry red?

Eloise x


  1. I love DMs. I always try on the cherry red boots in the hope that one day they will suit me - but my legs are far too short. Maybe I should try the shoe version on, never really though to before.
    Your blog looks like it's going to be a a good one!

  2. i have the black, but i definitely want the cherry red too! xx

  3. i'm in love with them too, but my boyfriend hates them :/