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I'm really bored of my boring hair at the moment, I want to do something interesting with it but I don't really know what... These photos are giving me some ideas, especially Grimes with her amazing hairstyles. I love her, and if you don't know who she is then get to know bruddas!

P.S to the people who actually read my blog... sorry I'm shit at blogging

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Yo dudes! I just thought I'd quickly write a post explaining why I haven't blogged in like 2 whole months... I've basically been so busy, it's unreal. I know that sounds like such a poor excuse but it's true. 6 weeks ago I started at A-Levels at college, so as you can all imagine I've had a lot of work to do. So yeah, I'm sorry to anyone who actually reads my blog (I doubt there's a lot of you haha). Half term is coming up so I PROMISE I'll get some cool-ass posts up as soon as possible. I update my Instagram quite often so if any of you want to follow me my username is @epassey.
Anyway, I've got a 1500 word History Essay to write... Wish me luck haha.
I hope everyone is well!

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 So, I hope everyone had a lovely week last week! I actually had an okay week and I took more photos on my iPhone than I usually do, so I thought I'd do a "week in photos" post which have been floating around for a while on blogs. Some of these photos I took on Instagram (@epassey), others I took on VSCO CAM which is probably my favourite app at the moment. I won't go much into it but, basically it's a fantastic photo editing app. Have a lovely week!

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Hi guys! I thought I'd do a very quick inspiration post because I haven't blogged in a while - I've been quite busy recently would you believe! Anyway, I wanted this post to be short and sweet so I hope everyone has had a great week and enjoy the weekend!

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These are just a few of the recent sets I have created on Polyvore. I hope you guys like them. If you don't have Polyvore, get yo ass on it... It's a perfect way to waste some time when bored!

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The Horrors - Suffragette City

Okay, so I'm no music critic or whatever but I thought I'd do a 'song of the day' just cause I love music so much and I thought it might be interesting?
This cover of David Bowie's song (and probably my favourite Bowie song) 'Suffragette City' is such a good cover. The Horrors are currently one of my favourite bands, and have been for a couple of years now. If you haven't listened to The Horrors before then get yourself on YouTube pronto! They always seem to cover songs you wouldn't really expect, but that's one of the reasons why I adore them so much... I actually got the inspiration to do a 'song of the day' from The Horrors' website which I look at far too often... Enjoy!

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Hunters - Daniel FootwearTee - Illustrated People, Knee socks - John Lewis, Shorts - Ragged Priest, Barbour wax jacket, Bag - Rokit, Head accessory - Topshop,  Ring - Regal Rose

So the blogger (who you probably all know of), Sheree Milli at Glitz & Grime is doing the most amazing giveaway with Daniel Footwear. Anyone in the UK can enter by making a Polyvore post of a festival outfit and one person wins; a pair of wonderful HUNTER WELLIES, Hunter socks and a skull scarf. I mean come on, how generous! I have always wanted a pair of Hunter boots just cos they're the coolest wellington boots ever and a festival essential. So anyway, this is my Polyvore post of my festival outfit. I'm off to Latitude Festival tomorrow to see my brother's band 'Weird Dreams' play so I'm probably going to wear something along these lines! I hope you guys like it!

You guys should all enter this giveaway on Sheree Milli's blog here.

Also, check out Daniel Footwear herethey have some fab stuff on their site.

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Dress - Urban Outfitters, Platform Sandals - Topshop, Clutch - Accessorize, Jewellery (earrings&choker) - nans

On Friday night I had my school leavers prom. It was quite a lovely night and definitely better than most people expected. The event was at a hotel near to where I live and it was set out amazingly! All the tables were decorated in a lovely way and the whole room was so posh. The meal we had tasted a lot like aeroplane food which was gross. To be fair, they did cater well for vegetarians like myself by serving tofu along with other things. The tofu was badly over cooked though. (Rant over.)

The dress I found was from Urban Outfitters, I had done a post about it not long ago which you can read here. I had had my eye on this dress for a while and decided to try it on for a possible prom dress. I'm not really into the whole prom palava and I don't really wear dresses that often to be honest, so finding a dress took me forever. In the end I decided to buy this aztec dress and I love it. It isn't a traditional prom dress, kind of the complete opposite... I did look slightly out of place standing alongside my pals who all wore glamorous flowing dresses!

Before we arrived at the hotel for prom everyone went to my friends house to have photos taken etc. These are just a few of the photos my mum took on my SLR. I did take some photos during the night, they are all crap quality but if you'd like to see some more photos check out my instagram! (@epassey). The last photo is probably one my favourites from the night, love it.

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The majority of these items I have wanted for AGES and when I get some money I am most definitely going to purchase a few of them. I especially want a harrington jacket, and have done for years now. Of course, a beautiful Fred Perry one would be amazing but evidently, being 16, I can't afford it. This eBay "dupe" will have to do for now! Also, just look how adorable those Romwe shoes are! I want them so so badly. They look so comfy and I reckon they could be worn throughout the whole year so I would get a lot of wear out of them.

E x



 In one of the many museums we visited.
 The amazing Brandenburg Gate.
 The Reichstag
 Jewish holocaust memorial.
A cute little shop we found near our hotel.
 Writing my name on this huge piece of paper that was going across a bridge over the River Spree.
 East side gallery, probably one of my favourite places in Berlin.
 One of my favourite pieces of artwork on the East side wall.

So over the weekend I went to Berlin with my dad, it was so amazing! I went to Berlin last February and ever since then its been one of my favourite places so I had to return. It's such an interesting place and the history of it fascinates me.

These are just a few of the photos from the trip, I didn't want to upload too many photos, but I think you get the gist that it's a beautiful place! I did go a bit crazy with taking photos though, I took my slr, iphone and disposable camera...

I only took hand luggage on the plane seeing as we only went for a weekend so I couldn't pack much! I decided to stick to jeans and shirts just because they're easy to pack and lightweight. It was unexpectedly boiling there though so I was roasting in my black jeans.

Berlin is literally one of the most incredible places; if you haven't been I definitely recommend you do! 

E x



Denim jacket & Jumper - Beyond Retro, Jeans - Topshop, Canvas bag - Rough Trade East store

I thought I'd do a real quick post from what I wore the other day when I went to see a friend. I'm really sorry about the awful quality of these photos but I quickly took them on my webcam because I just couldn't be bothered with setting up my slr. This outfit is pretty casual, but to be honest I really love simple clothing like this. I seem to be wearing my beloved denim jacket all the time at the moment, it's just proper versatile. 

I feel pretty bad for being so lazy and not blogging properly recently, I have so much time now because I have finished all my GCSE exams (YES) and I'm free so hopefully I'll be posting a hell of a lot more!

Once again, apologies for the bad quality photos!

E x