Dress - Urban Outfitters, Platform Sandals - Topshop, Clutch - Accessorize, Jewellery (earrings&choker) - nans

On Friday night I had my school leavers prom. It was quite a lovely night and definitely better than most people expected. The event was at a hotel near to where I live and it was set out amazingly! All the tables were decorated in a lovely way and the whole room was so posh. The meal we had tasted a lot like aeroplane food which was gross. To be fair, they did cater well for vegetarians like myself by serving tofu along with other things. The tofu was badly over cooked though. (Rant over.)

The dress I found was from Urban Outfitters, I had done a post about it not long ago which you can read here. I had had my eye on this dress for a while and decided to try it on for a possible prom dress. I'm not really into the whole prom palava and I don't really wear dresses that often to be honest, so finding a dress took me forever. In the end I decided to buy this aztec dress and I love it. It isn't a traditional prom dress, kind of the complete opposite... I did look slightly out of place standing alongside my pals who all wore glamorous flowing dresses!

Before we arrived at the hotel for prom everyone went to my friends house to have photos taken etc. These are just a few of the photos my mum took on my SLR. I did take some photos during the night, they are all crap quality but if you'd like to see some more photos check out my instagram! (@epassey). The last photo is probably one my favourites from the night, love it.

E x


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  2. you look stunning here, so quirky, adore the shoes! x

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  3. Lovely photos, you look stunning!

    Emma x

  4. aw, I love your dress! you look gorgeous.