In one of the many museums we visited.
 The amazing Brandenburg Gate.
 The Reichstag
 Jewish holocaust memorial.
A cute little shop we found near our hotel.
 Writing my name on this huge piece of paper that was going across a bridge over the River Spree.
 East side gallery, probably one of my favourite places in Berlin.
 One of my favourite pieces of artwork on the East side wall.

So over the weekend I went to Berlin with my dad, it was so amazing! I went to Berlin last February and ever since then its been one of my favourite places so I had to return. It's such an interesting place and the history of it fascinates me.

These are just a few of the photos from the trip, I didn't want to upload too many photos, but I think you get the gist that it's a beautiful place! I did go a bit crazy with taking photos though, I took my slr, iphone and disposable camera...

I only took hand luggage on the plane seeing as we only went for a weekend so I couldn't pack much! I decided to stick to jeans and shirts just because they're easy to pack and lightweight. It was unexpectedly boiling there though so I was roasting in my black jeans.

Berlin is literally one of the most incredible places; if you haven't been I definitely recommend you do! 

E x


  1. These photos look great and you're so pretty :) I've always wanted to go to Berlin but I guess that something I'll have to do in the future haha! :)


  2. Lovely photos! I really want to go to Berlin!
    Ariana x