This is a bit of a suckish post but I'm bored and I desperately wanted to blog! So, I went shopping up to Oxford Street today to try and find a prom dress which is only about 3 weeks away. I didn't find one and I really don't think I will find one that I love... However I did see these cute little jelly sandals in the Urban Outfitters sale (which you should all check out by the way, there are some lush buys). I guess they are like a love or hate thing, I love them. I think they are the cutest little shoes and they remind me of these pink glittery pair I had when I was about five. They were only £10 in the sale and I really regret not buying them. I might go back tomorrow and see if they are still there.. but they only had one pair left in my size so I doubt I'll be able to find them again. What do you guys think? Is it just me who thinks they're adorable?

E x


  1. Yay! I got the clear version a few months back but from Topshop :)
    Laura, x


  2. Yeah clear ones would be good. I used to have the heeled ones when I was a kid ha. cool blog btw :)

    1. Yeah I definitely need to buy a pair! Ah thank you very much!

  3. This blog is so really great! :D

  4. Wowww, I need a pair of jelly sandals :( Never ever come across them anymore though!