So I got an email from American Apparel the other day about the new Kesh X American Apparel collection so obviously I had to have a look because I love pretty much everything by American Apparel. I'd never heard of the designer Kesh before but I quickly read up about her and she's basically been designing since she was 17 which is insane and I'm so impressed/jealous. Her designs are very minimalistic and bold which you can all evidently see... but I really love it! I think this collaboration is really cool and once my money comes through next month I'm hoping to make some cheeky purchases!

Photo of Kesh 'in her cave'
It seems like the eyebrow/eye shape seems to be pretty iconic as it's seen on most of her work. I especially love the bikini and I might have to purchase it for my holiday this summer! You should all check out this collection, I think it's wicked.
E x

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  1. super cool prints! somewhat badass and very unique <3

    Check out my new all-black outfit post on blog! :)