So I've been hearing loads of stuff about the whole Google Reader closing down, which apparently means you could lose all the blogs you follow etc... I don't even understand it fully, it's far too confusing! So if that is the case then you should all follow me on Bloglovin' here (or you can click on the little Bloglovin' photo on the right hand side). Bloglovin is actually really cool and it makes everyone's posts a lot easier to read so I would recommend you sign up regardless of if you want to follow my blog or not! Plus, you can get a free Bloglovin' for it so you can look at blogs whenever and wherever... If I've confused anyone I'm really sorry but I'm pretty confused myself!

I slept like all day cause I had a late night yesterday/this morning so I'm not really tired.. I'm gonna watch Freaks and Geeks on YouTube cause I've heard so much about it and like all my favourite actors are in it.

I hope everyone's had a lovely weekend... I got bitten 33 times last night which wasn't fun but apart from that it's been a sick weekend!

Ah also, I finished college (AS) on Friday for summer so I am free! I'm hopefully going to post a lot more on here so watch this space!!!

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